dissentfulmind (dissentfulmind) wrote in blackbloc,

Jail Support

If ANY of you can please help! Some of my friends are currently sitting in jail for nothing. They were on their way to protest the neo-nazi rally in toledo but were stopped outside of the city and arrested. We need your help. Here is a post that was on chicago indymedia. It is legit.

Please help to support the 4 people from Chicago who were arrested in Toledo, Ohio on Saturday. They are set for a court hearing Monday at 9am, so far the bond has been set at $500 a person ten percent of $5,000 and may rise to the full amount. We currently have $1,000 and need $1,500 to $2,000 more. We are accepting donations for bail and other legal fees. If you can help make a donation we wil be wiring money to 2 Chicago activists who left tonight for on the ground support. Any support is appreciated.

They are in there for us - We are out here for them!

Thank You
Rocky p
chicago-toledo-defense (at) hushmail.com

Leve an email with contact info a phone # will be set up soon.
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