stress and hunger, they blew peace away (11111111111) wrote in blackbloc,
stress and hunger, they blew peace away

There is a bit of blame going about, regarding a lack of state and federal coordination (already has in many mainstream sources). The result will be a power shift to the federal end. They have already declared the problem to be due to state and local management, and Bush has denounced their organizing abilities and emergency response in public statement, despite the lack of federal assistance that was expected and cutting of needed funds for disaster prevention over the years. Requests for budget increases were filed multiple times, and funding was cut instead. One example:

Mayor Naglin of NO has repeatedly expressed fears of death by CIA on live TV.

Conveniently timed death of Renquist, in his home. Two empty seats available. Reporting in US seems to be overshadowed by Katrina. Renquist was one of the few who tended to rule in favour of delegating more local powers over federal.,1280,-5255679,00.html
Info on possible canidates to fill those seats. I bet the end result is conveniently neocon.

FEMA is doing their job well, cutting lines and turning away supplies:
If you think FEMA is all gravy, baby, and are unfamiliar with what they do the 95% of the time when there *isn't* a disaster, google for REX-84, Operation Cable Splicer, and Operation Garden Plot. A good bit of results out there are on sites filled with disinformation, but you can find references to all of the above programs in official (mostly blacked out) documents. There is some truth peppered throughout, and in combination with a large number of Executive Orders by presidents over the years that stack up to quite a bit of power in terms of interning and relocating citizens.

And the jacked-up gas prices and airline security measures limit everyone's mobility...
Katrina helping Haliburton, just like Iraq and 9/11 helped Carlisle, Haliburton, and friends.

As our descent continues..
whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
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