indeed (indeedpossible) wrote in blackbloc,

New England post-capitalist front

Hello everyone

Good to meet you all - I'm here in New England - mostly Manchester NH but I also frequent Cambridge and Providence when I can...

I'm not so much an anti-capitalist as I am a believer that capitalism must be evolved and eliminated - as Marx basically suggested - so the world can benefit from shared production of all goods, and a free society can be achieved without poverty or crime.

I do believe that commerce in general leads to greed, selfishness and the enslavement of humankind (plus, crime) and it also creates man's current alienation, directionlessness and misery.

Basically, human nature is bullshit - we made this, there is a better way, and with all the technology we have now, it's ridiculous the world has come to this.

I suppose I'm an anarcho-socialist.



Hook up if you're nearby - MySpace too - links are around. Sorry for the x-posting, but wanting to reach out.

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